Sleep On!

Here I am again.

I’ve made a choice about how to organize this blog. Every week I will talk about a different topic which will be developed and dealed through many different viewpoints during the days of the week. The topic of this week is “american self improvement (sucks)”.

Yes, it’s a shitty topic.

You’re lucky I’ve started to post from tuesday and not from monday.

1# Try to control sleep is a dumb idea

One of the main habits we try to change to increse our productivity (which is silly) is our sleep. We try to wake up early, go to bed early. The most insane of us try to adapt to polyphasic sleep (I tried). Then you don’t achieve the result and you feel you’re a loser.

But guess what? Why are you not able to control your sleep? Because you don’t give a fuck about becoming more productive. You just want to follow your heart.

“Shit, I have not enough willpower to get to bed early” said the common man engaged in reading his favourite author late at night.

“I’m unable to get up when the alarm rings” said the common man who knows he will go to do the job he hates in a few hours, and so prefer the unconsciousness of sleep.

This morning I had two free hours, because in those hours I had to attend useless classes. I planned the day before to get up at the usual time to use my additional hours to study. But I sleeped. Why? Because I’m not into that subject. Then I woke up and go to attend a class I (more or less) want to attend.

Yes, I’m a bad person.

So, what I want to say. If you’re trying to change minor aspects of your life hoping big changes will come, then you’re an ass. Chaos Theory doesn’t work this way.

Oh, and believe me, willpower is something very few people have, and in my opinion it can be a neurotic symptom. I hope you lack in it.

7892# Try to control sleep is fucking cool

I love contradictions.

Just to not give the bad belief that I’m putting crap over sleep science hear what I have to say.

Sleep is a fascinating subject. I’ve been hooked up on polyphasic sleep for years (and I failed for years) and I’m also a lucid dream fanboy.

But, if you want to have control over this exotic stuff, first be at peace  with common life. So obvious, isn’t it? I could explain you some Jung’s theories which are in agreement with the few last sentences, but maybe you think Jung is a yogurt brand.

Ok, I’m tired of writing this post. Good bye.