Knowledge > bullshit

Today I want to show you something (as usual) pretty obvious.

*Random words to make the introduction have a decent lenght*

*Random words to make the introduction have a decent lenght*

*Random words to make the introduction have a decent lenght*

The great teachings are always the same

Most of self-improvement fanatics spend hours reading an infinite amount of blog posts which say things like:

  • Detach from the opinion of the mass!
  • Take risks!
  • Do what you love!

Now write on a piece of paper every numbers from 1 to 6. I hope that’s not too hard for you. You could be tired, after a long work day passed waiting to come home, who knows…

Now write next to every number the name of a philsophical/spiritual movement. Roll the dice and research about the movement come out.

With a high probability you’ll find exactly the same advices american self-growth tells you. Unfortunately there’ll also be a lot of more interesting stuff and the writing style will be 100 times superior.

Blog posts are not knowledge

Face it, reading blog posts you learn aproximately nothing. You’re using it to entertain yourself. And that’s fine, who’s ever said we shouldn’t get entertained?

But if you think that reading Steve Pavlina blog will help you become more successful, you’re damn wrong. If you want to improve yourself read a fucking book. Fiction, non-fiction, science, philosophy, whatthefuckyouwant but please, read.

And that’s why I also believe blog posts should be short (oh, another excuse for lazyness!). They can, at the very best, be just small fires who can eventually turn on a blaze inside you, but they can’t be the whole blaze.

See you next week 😉